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Our blog features news and stories on the conservation of St James's Graveyard. You will learn about new findings and discoveries from the site, the teams methods and analysis in the conservation process, and more about who is buried there, why graveyards are sites of significance and what iconography is found on the tombstones and monuments. 

Conservation Update: December 2018

As 2018 comes to a close we would like to post a short update on our progress so far.

Conservation works to stone memorials, walls and headstones are still ongoing and will continue into January 2019. Rainfall and poor weather conditions made some of the works come to a halt in November and so a number of memorials are still in need of work.

However many of the stone memorials which were due conservation work are completed or at near stage of completion now. Many of these required stitching back together with stone glue, and a limewash is being used to seal some of the loose debris, fill in any cracks in the stone and to preserve the stone from more weathering over time. Other memorials required a greater clearing and some stabilisation either with new stone or re-setting existing loose stones. Many of the memorial stone crosses which had fallen to the ground have now been re-set and you can see them free standing throughout the graveyard - some which revealed detailed design work

You can also see how the winter weather is unveiling the terrain of the graveyard and the cleaning up process is giving shape to the landscape and enhancing its character.

You can see from the photos below the progress being made on some of these memorials and how the graveyard is shaping up.


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