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Howley Hayes Architects have began the conservation programme of the many monuments and grave markers on the site.  A condition survey of all monuments and the graveyard wall has been conducted, and a Masterplan for the graveyard will be implemented over the coming year. The design concept looks to create an accessible illuminated path throughout the graveyard with associated landscape works and an ecology and biodiversity management plan. The conservation and landscaping works are part of a wider effort to facilitate public access to this historic place. You will find out more information on the progress of works in the information below and also on our blog

Archaeological digs have also been executed on site in previous years. You can find out more about the discoveries and relics found at St James's Graveyard in the information listed below. 


Learn about the conservation process and works on site.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 16.04.57.png

See the concept for the future design of St James's Graveyard.

Excavations at St James 1.PNG

Discover what excavation work has been conducted on site and look at some of the relics found here. 


Hear all about the conservation work of St James's Graveyard as it happens over the coming months.

Learn about any new recent discoveries and news on our blog. 

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